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Mar 13, 2021

IESA ‘’Women in Energy’’ initiative is for Connecting, Educating, Inspiring, Networking & Empowering Women in #CleanEnergy transition and especially promoting this participation in the emerging areas of advanced energy storage technologies as well as eMobility sector in India.

In this special episode, Dr Shalini Sarin shares her own experience of being part of energy sector for over 3 decades, Social impact of women empowerment, importance of women entrepreneurship, training & linking CSR activities to livelihood of the communities. She talks about the program on women e-Rickshaw entrepreneurs and her new start-up venture in eMobility sector. She advises young entrepreneurs to focus & be competent on what they are good at and collaborate with other ecosystem partners instead of doing everything themselves.

Dr Shalini also recommends a book ‘’Price of Inequality’ to our listeners.