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Oct 30, 2017

Last week we spoke about the progress of electrification in India and Africa. On the second and final part of the series, William Brent, Power for All, talks about the possible collaboration opportunities between countries on Energy Access for All with Girish Shivakumar.

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Oct 23, 2017

How is the electrification drive progressing around the world?

Joining the conversation today is William Brent, a Director in the Power for All campaign to talk about their objectives, progress and particularly on the opportunities for cross-region collaboration between India and Africa in the space of energy access.


Oct 16, 2017

Spot prices in the Indian electricity market is at the highest in recent years. On this episode we analyse the reasons behind this trend; Is it time for a price correction in market as Renewable Energy deployment increases and more. Dhruv Dhiman joins in the conversation. 

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Oct 9, 2017

Karnataka state released an Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy well ahead of a national policy by the Indian Government. On this episode a detailed analysis of the policy and a chat with Dr Uday Mhaskar on how Bengaluru can be a manufacturing leader in this space.

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Oct 2, 2017

Indian Government recently announced the Saubhagya programme to reach 100% household electrification by end of December 2018.

Will this be India’s last electrification scheme?

Also, Dr Rahul Walawalkar speaks about a technology platform by Customized Energy Solutions, MICRO, that is adding value to all stakeholders...