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Emerging Tech Radio

Nov 30, 2019

Mr Rakesh Malhotra shares his journey from his first startup, building Luminous brand, building Livgurad to his current focus on automobile sector & his views about India’s ESS market.
Also listen in to know about IESA’s industry market reports…

Interview of Mr James Trudeau, UL on Safety Standards of ESS

Nov 24, 2019

Mr. James Trudeau, Global Business Development Manager for Energy Systems & e-Mobility shares the origin of UL, how safety standards are made, how India can learn from the lessons from international partners and why it is important to create India specific standards based on Indian conditions to ensure the...

Nov 24, 2019

Get idea of how much raw material goes into lithium cell manufacturing, how lithium battery recycling process happen, how flow battery recycling happen & how much of the material can be recovered from the process and how India can start ReUse & Recycling of Advanced Batteries.

Nov 24, 2019

Listen in story of Exicom from leading power electronics solution provider to leading ESS provider in Stationary & EV sector. Mr Anant Nahata talks about importance of R&D, participation in end to end value chain & his focus on long term journey in the sector.

Also IESA launching Recycling initiative

Nov 24, 2019

A special episode on the occasion of World Energy Storage day featuring Innolith, innovative company bringing breakthrough technology to the world!