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Jun 28, 2021

ADITYA, India’s first solar electric passenger ferry boat has been operational in Kerla backwaters for more than 4 years now, providing pollution free clean ride & also saving thousands of liters of diesel, lakhs of rupees of money to the Kerala State Water Transport Department in operating cost. Mr Sandith Thandasherry, the creator of ADITYA, Founder & CEO of NavAlt, The Chief Naval Architect shares about his journey, what all factors goes into designing & optimizing architecture of the solar powered electric boat, how battery size can be determined based on requirement, how economics work as compared to diesel run boats, safety aspects, why it is important to pay attention to marine transport & what impact it can bring to make the earth greener. He also shares about the NavAlt’s new designs to serve maritime industry to become more efficient & cleaner, providing commercially viable solutions. He talks about what support is expected from policy makers and industry for wider adoption of sustainable marine transport. Sandith aspires to transform marine transportation the way Tesla has done on roads!